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Senior Capstone Project



Keystone Academy is a high school located in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska. The distinguished charter school focuses on arts education in the areas of culinary arts, music, art, and design. The school mascot and logo is a notorious symbol of wisdom and knowledge: the owl. Upon entering the high school, the vibrant school colors seen are orange and green, coordinating with the school’s mascot and logo. The school environment promotes creativity in every aspect. Halls and open spaces are filled with driven students and staff who strive for excellence as they utilize the collaborative study rooms, student lounges, and touchdown spaces. Keystone Academy includes collaboration areas and flexible classrooms that generate active learning amongst students and teachers, and a variety of spaces are dedicated to the arts. The spaces include large, inviting windows that fill the school with the energy of natural light as well as create intentional sightlines of approaching visitors. Energy, creativity, and heart define Keystone Academy’s mission and that’s what drives students, teachers, and staff alike to look into the future to their greater calling and purpose.

The Design GALs collaborated to design every classroom, common area, study room, design center, dining space, studio, teacher's lounge, gallery, stair study nooks, library, lab, and locker bay. We selected the furniture, fixtures, and equipment needed to make a distinct charter school that is state of the art and energy efficient. Material selections were made for all spaces. I designed a custom library desk and made sure the gallery had effective lighting and a well-designed path of travel to accentuate art displays. All drafting and rendering was done in Revit to produce a full-set of construction drawings, presentation folios, and a complete 3D model of the building.

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